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Dwight-Bellizzi Dual Language Academy

Dwight-Bellizzi Dual Language Academy
Dual Language

A dual language education creates a language immersion experience in English and Spanish in all academic class time. This approach develops language skills in the English and Spanish, with the goal of bilingual fluency for our young learners.

Grades PK4 to 8
Dwight Bellizzi school Logo

School Overview

Dwight Bellizzi is excited to welcome PK4 and kindergarten students to our Dual Language program as a brand-new magnet school! Our school is the only interdistrict magnet school in the Greater Hartford Region that offers students an incredible learning opportunity to receive both English and Spanish instruction in their academic classes. We are proud to offer a Dual Language program in our school. All students in the Dual Language program strand will learn to read in Spanish and English with the goal of  biliteracy in two languages by the end of 8th grade. The Dual Language program is a 50/50 program model, core academic instruction is taught 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. Kindergarten students have two teachers, one Spanish language teacher instructing for half the day and one English language teacher instructing for the other half of the day.

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