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STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School

STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School

An emphasis on 21st century science and technology drive the core curriculum at STEM and STEM-related schools. This theme also includes programs with a focus on environmental sciences. STEM prepares students for our global, technology-driven future and fosters inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and great collaboration.

Grades K to 8
STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School

School Overview

Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School is a very special learning community where students are valued, challenged and supported. With a laser focus on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and the Arts throughout the curriculum, we utilize an inquiry approach to foster creativity, problem-solving, innovation and critical thinking. Inquiry-based practices guide students to lead their own learning as they pose questions, investigate problems and create solutions.

Learning at STEM is tailored to each student’s personal and academic goals. Our unique STEM+ programming allows students to self-select courses that interest them within the STEM disciplines. Students and staff work collaboratively to dive deeply into content and practices that enhance the learning experience for everyone. Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School is a very dynamic place where all children can learn and grow!

Direct Pathway
STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School 8th grade students have a direct pathway option to attend 9th grade at University High School of Science and Engineering. To be considered for this direct  pathway placement, you must submit an on-time 2023-24 RSCO online application University High School of Science and Engineering as your first choice.

School Report Card – the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has prepared this report, which includes information about student enrollment, student achievement, student and teacher diversity, and much more.

Fantastic Facts

  • Our school has a full-day kindergarten. 
  • Our school partners with the Connecticut Science Center and the University of Hartford.
  •  Students have access to extensive technology including iPads, scientific probeware, 3D printers, MacBooks and PC laptops.
  • We offer daily science and engineering classes. 
  • All students select quarterly STEM+ courses that enhance their learning experience, including LEGO Robotics, forensics, rocketry, computer coding and much more! 
  • We feature four specialty science labs: LEGO Lab, Earth/ Life Science Lab, Physics Lab, Engineering Lab.

Sports, Clubs & Activities

STEM students have opportunities to participate in after-school programming, including Intramural Sports, Robotics Teams and Engineering Programs.

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