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University of Hartford Magnet School

University of Hartford Magnet School
Multiple Intelligences

The Multiple Intelligence concept was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University. The theme focuses on eight intelligence areas - linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, and naturalist - in delivering the core curriculum to build on students' strengths and how they learn best.

Grades PK3 to 5
196 Bloomfield Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117
University of Hartford Magnet School

School Overview

University of Hartford Magnet School encourages students to explore their learning through Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Students become active participants in their learning, first becoming aware of how they learn best and using this awareness to set goals and achieve them. Lessons are carefully crafted to maximize each student’s potential and celebrate differences in how people learn. In partnership with the University of Hartford, students have access to enhanced college-sponsored learning opportunities in reading, science, the arts, and music, as well as a mentorship program with student-athletes.

School Report Card – the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has prepared this report, which includes information about student enrollment, student achievement, student and teacher diversity, and much more.

Fantastic Facts

  • Encourages students to explore their learning through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences 
  • Focuses on the full range of abilities in every student 
  • Partners with University of Hartford’s College of Education 
  • Collaborates with University of Hartford’s HARTT School for music and dance instruction
  • 2018 National Blue Ribbon School Partnership with University of Hartford 
  • NAEYC-accredited Pre-K program 
  • Invention Convention national finalists 
  • Jazz Festival 1st place

Sports, Clubs & Activities

GSA Club
Change maker Student Leadership Teams
Kid Governor
After School Band & Strings Program taught by UH HARTT students
Weekly Friday Family Meeting

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