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Hartford Area RSCO Choice Schools have SO MUCH to offer! What else is out there? Where can I go? Are you ready to make new friends? Do you want to change the world? How about performing on stage? Would you like to design and build a computer game or engineer a robot? Find your home in a RSCO school near you. Decide on something new – Be YOU!

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Discover PK to 6th grade schools!

Do you want to discover a school that lets kids explore new places? How about learning about other countries or how to speak multiple languages? What about learning how to plant a garden to grow their own food, dancing on a stage, or starting their own business? Find out what’s amazing at Magnet or Open Choice schools in your area for young learners!

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Discover 6th to 12th grade schools!

Are you ready for a new experience? Do you dream about making a difference in the world? Imagine a school that lets you learn how to design machines that will change how we travel, discover a better way to feed the community, or master a new dance routine that will light up Broadway! How about making connections with local businesses to explore different jobs or even earn college credit while attending high school? All this and so much more! Take the leap and learn things that can change your world!

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Discover the Magnet Arts Schools!

Do you feel at home at the theater? Do you love dancing, singing, or acting - RSCO Art-themed Magnet schools have you covered! But wait, if behind-the-scenes or being part of a group is more your thing –these magnet schools have that, too – with stagecraft, production, and musical ensembles. Get inspired and learn from local and nationally known artists.

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Discover STEM Magnet Schools!

Do you like building things? Solving puzzles? Learning how things work? How about learning how to code a new app, create an online game, or design a robot! You can do all these things and more at a RSCO school near you!

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Discover Career Tech Schools!

Do you want to jump-start your career or college plans by learning trades in high school? Do you want to feel the pride of building a house? Do you love cooking? How about specializing in caring for patients. Tech schools are there for you and will help you prepare for your dream life after high school – whether it's starting your career, opening your own business, becoming an apprentice or going to college.

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